April 2015

April 2015

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Recipe Card Swap

It occurs to me that the heading of this post may seem outdated to many.  It probably is, but hear me out on this.  The printed word matters to me.  Paper things matter to me.  I like how paper feels, how it smells and how it sounds. I just plain like it. Whether it be in the form of a book you just can't put down, the feel of your Sunday newspaper folded just right as to allow perfect crossword puzzle completion or the distinct weight (or lack thereof) in your hand of a pretty, hand-written recipe card.  It matters.

I also love technology.  I love that I can google any darn thing under the sun, and within seconds gain knowledge I didn't have before. Yet, as with all things, there should be balance.  That's what I try to do.  Sure, I get most of my news, not from the crinkling pages of the morning newspaper, but from social media. I'm not often found pouring over dusty volumns of an old encyclopedia tucked back in abandoned sections of the library.  I do, however, keep an up-to-date recipe card box.

In having so much information available to us, we are left with the task of organizing it.  I know that there are computerized was of keeping our online recipe finds at the ready, but I don't like those.  I like to write things on paper.  So, I do.  Once a week or so, I open all of my tabs and choose the recipes that worked.  The good ones that my family enjoyed, and I spend a few minutes with a favorite pen and my pretty, little recipe cards. I find that doing this each week keeps it from becoming overwhelming or too time consuming.  Heck, this morning I jotted down two delish recipes in the time that it took to finish my first cup of coffee. 

Here is my swap for today.  And, I look forward to trying any you'd like to leave for me in the comments below.  It's one of the recipes that made it into my recipe box this morning, and it is absolutely a must try! On Valentine's Day I made these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles for my loves (and myself) and adapted them for us by simply swapping the all-purpose flour it calls for with an equal amount of ground oats.  And with it being Valentine's Day, instead of sprinkling them with sea salt, I used colored sugar.  These are a treat!  


I know.  The chocolate looks crazytown.  Can we try to look past that?  I will if you do...


  1. There is something great about tangible recipe cards. I have a binder of recipes, but I've always wanted a card box.
    I'll have to grab my newest strawberry pie recipe to post here later

    1. I'd love a recipe for strawberry pie! It is strawberry season for us right now. It would be perfect timing!!