April 2015

April 2015

Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Review

I hope this finds you excited for the week ahead, and feeling accomplished after the weekend behind.  I had a lofty weekend plan.  It included some things we needed to get done, along with some relaxation.  Let's see how it went:

* House of Cards-  I tried, House of Cards, I really did.  However, this season can't hold my attention.  I fell fast asleep during the first episode.  That's not a great sign.  Downton Abbey, on the other hand, never disappoints.  What an outstanding season finale.  I heart you, Mr. Carson!
*Dress Making-  Done! My niece loves the movie Book of Life, so here is her Maria dress.  What a fun project!  I was thankful for an excuse to dust off my sewing machine. 

*Bread Baking-  Done, sliced and frozen for the week.  This is still a science that I am working to perfect.  This loaf was the first to rise so high in the oven that the foil popped off.  It looked beautiful when I took it from the oven.  When I transferred it to the cooling rack, it acted as a deflated balloon.  Oops!  The thing went from standing a good 4 inches high, to a sad 2 inches low.  So, yes, it's done, sliced and frozen, yet somewhat flawed and weird looking.  Will try again next week.

*Taxes-  Started.

*Park Playing-  The weather did not cooperate for family fun at the park on Saturday, so we'll head there today.

*The Beach-  Nope. Sad. Boo Hoo. Frowny Face.

I rate this weekend pretty high as weekends go.  I enjoyed my crafting and kitchen time fully, and spent some rainy day family time at home.  I hope yours was as fun!


  1. Oh my gosh BreAnn, your Maria dress is ADORABLE! Just absolutely beautiful work.

  2. Love the "Book of Life", super cute dress!

  3. I love the dress! Turned out so cute!

  4. Thanks ladies! I was winging it and so hopeful that it would come together for her. So, I appreciate your kind words...