April 2015

April 2015

Friday, March 6, 2015

We're having guests!

I recently added something to my bucket list.  On the timeline of my life, I see it falling in between the time when my son will be of age to begin his own life journey and my dream of retiring into a community of golf carts, quilting bees and gray hair. With those two events as the bookends, I would love to spend my empty nest years running a Bed and Breakfast.  Will this ever happen? Maybe not, but it could.  A girl can dream, and do I ever!

My collection of family tea cups, given to me by my mother

I picture Laura Ashley rosebuds, mixed with wicker and doilies and knit throws, oh my!  The softest towels, the freshest smelling herbal soaps, classical music, just in the background enough that you can barely notice it playing, and breakfast!  Oh, breakfast! Delicate tea cups, just-browned-enough blueberry muffins, and I won't forget the molded butter.  Nope. Don't worry it'll be there.  See, I told you.  This girl can dream...

In the meantime, I love having guests come to visit!  In advance of family or friends coming, I try to think of things they might need, and then surprise things for them to enjoy.  Needs include, say, a bed.  The basic stuff is fine to pull together, but it really gets fun to ready the extras!  I love to bake and freeze ahead things that are easy to grab for breakfast (like the muffins I mentioned), prepare snacks that are good to take as we leave for adventures (like trail mix or granola), and I make a running grocery list of things to buy fresh.

Choose white towels for guests, as they are easy to bleach and keep clean

If children will be staying with us, special items, related to our planned outings, might greet them when they arrive.  I think it's even more fun to surprise little ones with a small wrapped trinket each day.  It's not expensive and it makes for such fun! Also, every guest should have a quiet spot to retreat to, if they need to get away from the fun.  For adults, I like to leave current magazines on the bedside table and a spot to set up their laptop.  For children, I think it is important to have a television and a cozy blanket.  Kids can get overwhelmed while traveling, and this allows them a spot in your house that feels like their own.  

I try to never forget coasters, tissues and a trash can

So, I'm off to bake, fluff, wrap surprise goodies, and mold some butter.  That last part is just a joke.  I'll save the butter for my inn.  

My weekend list looks like this:

* Grocery shop for fresh fruit and dairy items
* Bake Bread (wish me luck on this!)
* Refresh my knitting skills (I recently came across a project   started that needs finishing.)
* Greet my visiting family, and have a blast showing them around!

Have a wonderful weekend!  See you on Monday morning!


  1. I want to come visit! How nice you are as a host, I need to some some of these things next time I have company. I love the white towel tip.

    1. I see the kids are packed and ready!! Come on down :)

  2. Have a great visit! What a nice home away from home you'll provide!

    1. Thank you! It was so nice visiting with family.