April 2015

April 2015

Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Review

Monday is once again upon us.  I like Mondays.  They are a fresh start to a whole new week.  Now, I haven't always liked Mondays, so if this finds you in one of those chapters of life, I get it. I mean, I REALLY get it.  It is hard to believe when you're in it, but another chapter will begin right at the very moment you need it to.  If it doesn't, start writing that chapter for yourself now.  

Anyway, back to Monday.  This one is extra-special, because it marks the beginning of a week spent with family.  We are headed out to explore this gorgeous Florida landscape together, and bask in the warmth of spring.  So, I wish you as much fun in your week, as we will be having in ours!

First, let's look at the weekend, then I gotta go!

* Grocery shop for fresh fruit and dairy items-  Done.  Easy. Fun.  And, yes, the strawberries have been washed and topped, placed in the paper-towel-lined freezer bag and are chilling in the fridge.  I've tried it with blueberries and raspberries this week, so we'll see how they do.  If you missed this tip on my Facebook page, it works.  Do it right away to keep your berries fresh longer!

* Bake Bread (wish me luck on this!)-  Done.  And, I think it came out better than last week.  I read up on over-proofing.  I thought that's what happened last week, and why my bread sank.  So, I avoided that this time, and things were really looking good......Then, it sank on one side.  Now, after researching a bit more, I think it's my pan.  It may be too thin which causes the crust to bake faster than the inside.  Next week I will try baking it in the pan for the first twenty minutes, then removing the pan for the final twenty minutes of baking. Thank goodness it still smells and tastes delish!  And, there's always next week, right?  
Isn't dough pretty?

Fresh out of the oven and all poofy!

Partially sunken on the right...

* Refresh my knitting skills (I recently came across a project   started that needs finishing)-  I ditched the knitting for this weekend, and decided to make a fast pillowcase for our guests. The cozy blanket that I chose to leave in the guest bedroom for our nephew is a soft, cozy Spiderman blanket.  It NEEDED a special pillowcase to go with it, didn't it?  I thought so.  

I used an idea that I shared on Facebook, as well.  I didn't have Spiderman fabric on hand, but I had fabrics in the Spiderman colors, and along with the themed blanket it is just enough "character" for me.  The problem was that I only had red cotton fabric and blue jersey fabric.  I used them, but as my mother later told me, you really need to use fabrics that are weighted the same. Using different weights led to some pulling and weirdness, and I know now for next time.  

I also, did not have a pattern, but using a pillowcase that I already own, I was able to trace it, and sort of make one. I have another pillowcase project coming up, and now that I have ironed out some kinks and built some character, I'll share a tutorial then.  

I know just about enough about sewing to get myself in trouble.

I was able to complete this, from start to finish, during my son's nap.  It doesn't take long to add a few extra touches around your house
You can see the strange pulling where the blue and red come together, but it's fun and a child would never notice!

* Greet my visiting family, and have a blast showing them around!-  They are here!  Yay!  

How did your weekend go?  


  1. The bread is looking good! We had a fun weekend-took the girls to Nashville, TN! Both babies fell asleep on our chests as Robert and I listened to a wonderful country duet - it was pretty sweet:) Love the sewing projects!! I really need to learn this art-form-what a wonderful talent!

    1. Thanks! Your weekend sounds so relaxing...and I think you'd really like sewing. Dive on in!